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Mini Sachet Doll Pin

Materials List
4" X 7" fabric for doll's dress
scraps of muslin for the hands
matching sewing thread
12" narrow ribbon
6" of 1/2" lace for the collar
5" of 2" wide lace for bottom of dress, note: This can be wider if you want it to drape down
20 mm wood bead for the head
acrylic paint - black,white, and rose or red
size 10/0 paint brush
small amount of 2 ply acrylic sport or baby yarn
1 size 1 metal knitting needle, must be metal!
cellophane tape
small bit of polyester filling
pin back or safety pin
optional: Fray Check©
hot glue gun or a thick craft glue
sewing supplies

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free doll pin pattern

Click here for the pattern.

Putting the Doll Together
Please read the directions to familiarize yourself with the pattern before you begin. If your fabric is fraying, use a seam sealant like Fray Check © on the edges. Let it dry completely after applying.

The Body

Sachet Doll Pin
1. Cut out the dress. Trace 2 sets of hands but DO NOT CUT THEM OUT!
2. Machine sew the hands on the tracing lines, leaving the top open for turning. Cut out leaving 1/8" seam allowance. With right sides together sew the side seams of the dress. Carefully cut the neck opening open. See the pattern for the lines. If the fabric is fraying, use Fray Checkę outside the sewing lines, let dry. Turn all pieces right side out.
3.Turn the sleeve edges under 1/8" and hand sew a gathering stitch around it,do not pull tight yet. Stuff the hands lightly. Put one hand into the sleeve opening and pull the gathers till they're tight around the hand. Make a few stitches through the hand and sleeve to anchor it. Repeat with the other hand.
Option: add some narrow lace or trim to the edges of the sleeves.
4. Gather the neck opening tightly by hand. This step should make the arms pull up and out. You don't turn the edge under because the lace and wood bead will cover this gather.
5. Lightly stuff the arms and upper chest with the polyester fiberfill or some cotton balls. Don't stuff the bottom yet.
6. Turn up the bottom of the dress 1/8" and hand sew the 2" wide lace around the edge. It's up to you whether you want the lace on top of the fabric or the fabric on top if it. Stitch or glue the ends of the lace together.
7. Fill the bottom with potpourri or with a few cotton balls with cologne on them. Tie it closed with 7" of the ribbon. See the picture for placement of the ribbon.
8.Gather the 6" piece of the 1/2" wide lace loosely into a circle overlapping the ends. Glue or sew it over the gathered neck area of the dress.
9.Use either the hot glue or craft glue to attach the wood bead on top of the lace collar. Let the glue set before proceeding.
10.Paint the face following the picture.
First using the black paint the nose, eyes, lashes and the brows.
While that's drying go ahead and paint the mouth with the rose or red.
When all the paint is dry, make 2 tiny white dots in the eyes for highlights.
11.For the hair: wrap the yarn tightly and evenly around the knitting needle,wet it and bake at 250 degrees for about 20 minutes. Let it cool completely before removing it from the needle. Cut it in 1/2" - 1" pieces. Before gluing on the hair glue some fiberfill, cottonballs or even fabric scraps in the bead hole. Filling in the hole will make the hair go on easier. Glue the curls around the head, moving up for each layer. I glue some flat to the wood bead and let some stick out.
12. Make a bow from the remaining ribbon with long ties and glue it to the top of the head with the tails hanging down the back.
Option: Add lace, tiny ribbon roses, or a hat on her head.
13. Using the pattern for approximate placement sew the pin to the back of the doll body.

Now she's ready to wear or give as a gift! She's perfect for someone who loves the smell of fragrance but can't wear it on their skin.

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