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Mini Cross Stitch Angel Ornament

4 ½ X 8" muslin for doll's body
5" X 9" piece of 22 count cross stitch fabric
matching sewing thread
DMC embroidery floss - 310 black, your choice of colors for the mouth, hair and dress. You will need a full skein of floss for the hair.
polyester filling
sewing supplies

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free ornament pattern

options and hints-
1. Use any kind of cotton fabric for the back of the dress and wings. You would only embroider the front of the dress.
2. Instead of embroidering her face, use pigma pens. These are a permanant marker. 4. A little people blush om her checks will look nice.
5. Turn her into a pin by sewing a small safety pin or pin back to the wings.
6. I used embroidery floss for the loop to hang her. You could use narrow ribbon or cord.
7. Make her from any fabric and add bits of lace and ribbon to her instead of the cross stitch.

Click here for the pattern for the angel. After printing the patterns cut them out carefully.

Putting the Angel Together
Please read the directions to familiarize yourself with the pattern before you begin. If your fabric is fraying, use a seam sealant on the edges. Let it dry completely after applying.

The Body
1. Fold the muslin in half and pin the body pattern to it. DO NOT CUT IT OUT. Trace the body pattern on the muslin with a pencil.
2. Using a small stitch, sew carefully on the traced line.
3. Cut out the body 1/8" from the seam line. If you're worried about fraying causing the body to split, put Fray Check on the seam allowance. Let it dry.
4. Being very careful, make a cut in one layer. Follow the line on the pattern for guidance. This will be an opening to turn the body right side out. If you make a mistake and cut through both layers, just hand sew the one side closed for now.
5. Turn the body right side out. Hemostats, a small dowel rod, an orangewood stick or a chop stick will make the turning easier.
6. Stuff the body with the polyester fiberfill. Hand sew the opening closed.

The Face
You can embroider, paint or use fine tip markers to do the features. You also may want to practice doing the face on a scrap of fabric.
1. Using a pencil or a fine tip airsoluable pen, lightly draw the features following the pattern or make them however you want them.
2. If you are embroidering them use a straight stitch, following the picture. Do the eyes, brows and nose with the black. Use pink or red for the mouth.

The Hair
1. Mark the center top of the doll's head at the seam with a pin or pencil.
2. Remove the paper bands from the embroidery skein for the hair. Keeping it smooth ,cut a piece about 12" long and thread it on a needle.
3. Fold the skein in half to find the center. Hand sew the center to the spot marked on the doll's head with the floss on a needle.
4.Twist each side and hand sew it to the neck to form ponytails. You can cut the ends or leave them ‘loopy’.
5. Using the same color floss as you plan on using to cross stitch the dress, make bows on the ponytails where they are sewn to the side of the head. You can substitute ribbon.

The Dress
I prefer to sew the dress completely then do the cross stitch. If you find this too difficult, trace the pattern onto the cross stitch fabric. Find the center, count up 11 rows from the hem edge and start with a heart.
1. Lay the pattern on the cross stitch fabric lining up the bottom of the dress with a straight row of the fabric. Pin in place then cut it out.
2. Fold the dress in half, one side on top of the other. Machine or hand sew the under arm and side seams. You can over cast the edges or use fray check to stop the fraying. Be sure to do the neckline as it frays very easy.
3. Carefully fold up 5 or 6 rows for the hem. Using the floss of your choice, do the hem with a running stitch. See the chart. Don’t worry if the stitches don’t come out even, This will depend on the side seams.
4. Following the chart, cross stitch the pattern at the hem. Start at the center front and work to each side. You don't have to do the back.
5. To dress the doll: Slip the dress on the doll. Fold the cut edges to the inside. Using the floss and a running stitch, gather the neck and the sleeve edges to the doll.

The Wings
1. Line up the bottom of the pattern with a straight row of the fabric. Pin it in place. Cut out the wing. You can put Fray Check on the edges.
2. Using embroidery floss and a running stitch, stitch 1/8” from the edge all the way around the wing piece. You can cross stitch a heart or sew a bow on each side of the wings. Tiny buttons look cute, too.
3. Center the wing to the back of the doll, just below her head and hand sew it in place with a few stitches.

The Halo
There are a few ways to make the halo:
1. Make a circle with embroidery floss and sew it to the back of the dolls head.
2. Bend a chenille stem or a piece of wire into a circle and attach to the doll’s head.
3. Using decorative cording, lace or ribbon tied into a circle.
4. Make a tiny floral halo by gluing small flowers to her head.

To make her into a pin, sew a pin back or a safety pin to the wings. To make it more stable, sew through the wings and dress to the body.

To make her an ornament, attach a piece of floss, cording or ribbon to the top of her head. If you sew it to the wings she will tilt forward. It must be sewn to her head to make her hang nicely.

I hope you'll enjoy this ornament and will want to make others for your family and friends. It's fun displaying them on your Christmas tree or tie them on gift packages as an extra little gift.

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