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Creative Stitchery Patterns

16" Audrina, a cloth mermaid and seashell -
$10.00 for Printed or PDF Pattern

This pattern is a newer version of the old pattern that had 2 mermaids and 2 seashells. Even though there is only 1 of each, there are a lot of new improvements to the pattern.

The pattern comes with a color picture on the cover, full size patterns, except for large squares and rectangles. It comes in a zip closed bag.

If you plan on making dolls to sell from this pattern, please go to my policy page for my terms.

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Mermaid & Seashell


This mermaid is 16" from the top of her head to the tip of the tail. Have fun decorating her with yarn, trims, pearls, sequins, tiny seashells, glitter, charms, and more.

Audrina's hair is mohair that was cut from the leather it came on, then sewn to her head. You can find mohait at Etsy, Ebay, and other online sources. If you don't like the hair, have a look at my other patterns for a style you like. The yarn curls I use in many of patterns would be perfect for these dolls, too.

She is decorated with real seashells, pearls, charms, and yarn. The pearls are pearls-by-the-yard. Decorate her however you like!

There are patterns for the clam shell, too. The shell has fun wire sewn to it so you can bend it into a cup shape.

The pattern has plenty of hints to help you make your doll.

Prefer Etsy or one of the other sites that carry my patterns? Go here for the etsy store link
I have not put a link to the pattern here because as the patterns sell the links change so it's best to go to the stores and look for the pattern. If it's not listed send me a convo or message thru their site and I'll list it for you.

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