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Creative Stitchery Patterns

20" tall Lovelorn Lena and her Frog Prince

The pattern has 29 drawings and 49 color photos for the steps so it will be easy for you to make the doll and frog. There are 12 pages of 24lb. paper printed on both sides for the directions. It is printed book style. There are 6 pages of full size patterns. Missing are the very large rectangles. I just have the measurements for you. Each pattern comes with a color photo on the cover. It comes in a zip closed bag. You will find plenty of hints to help you make the pattern.

If you plan on making dolls to sell from this pattern, please go to my policy page for my terms.

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Lena looks wistful because she wonders if she turned Prince Fergus into a frog before the love potion had time to work. Now he's an angry frog who just might become besotted with her if that potion kicks in. Ah, What to do?

Lena is 20" tall without her hat and 23" wearing it. The frog Prince is 3" tall in his crown. She can sit or be hung on a wall or door.

Now some more about the face. A printed face is in the pattern section for those who want to trace or print it on fabric of their own.If you want to print just the face on fabric using you computer printer but don't have software to print just the face, contact me and I'll send you a jpg file of just the face. There are directions for making the yarn curls and sewing them on.

close-up of Lena The hands have stitched fingers and I include directions on how to paint fingernails if wanted. I have wired them up to the elbow. The arms are black fabric to the wrist where muslin is sewn for the hands. The lower arms are wrapped in ribbon. Her legs are gathered at the knees so they can bend. Instead of shoes, there are directions for wrapping the feet in ribbon and adding beads.
Her clothing includes: pantaloons, 2 layers of tulle, the pink skirt, the over-skirt, her sleeves, the bodice, a ribbon neck ruffle, and the hat. The hat is made from felt and has interfacing in the brim. The overskirt is lined only at the front to allow for it to be folded back.

The frog, Prince Fergus, wears a ribbon neck ruffle and a glittered felt crown. His legs are sewn separately and attached. They are wired with chenille stems. The eyes have eyelids that are glued in place over the black beads. His mouth and nose are drawn.

Two spells are included in the patterns so you won't have to write them. They are just bits of whimsy I came up with but add to the character of the doll.

This pattern costs more than my other ones. This is because of the printed fabric face and all the color pictures. I took pictures of almost every step. There are still some line drawings where I thought it would be easier to see the step that way.

Prefer to buy the paper pattern at Patternmart? Here's a link to it:

Lovelorn Lena the Witch and her Frog 

Prince  pm
Lovelorn Lena the Witch and her Frog Prince pm

Lena looks wistful because she wonders if she turned Prince Fergus into a frog before the love ...
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