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Mini Clothespin Horse Ornament

Materials List
5 mini clothespins
white craft glue or hot glue
mohair or any fuzzy yarn
1 yard 1/8" ribbon
6" 3mm pearl bead garland
9" gold metallic thread or cord for hanging
Your choice of small flowers, leaves, charms, bells and buttons for decoration

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free ornament pattern

First you need to cut the clothespins. You can use simple hand tools like a coping saw to do this. Follow the diagrams below to cut the clothespins. The hardest part will be cutting one clothespin for the head at an angle.

Hint: A quick way to sand the cut pieces is to use an emery board.

cutting diagram for clothespins

Putting the Horse Together

1. Hot glue the body between the 2 leg pieces. Glue the head to the neck piece, then the neck to the legs. Use the drawing for placement.
2. If you want to paint the horse, do it now. Let it dry completely before proceeding.
3. Following the drawing above, use white craft glue to attach the ribbon to the horse. Wait until the glue is dry before going to the next step.
4. For the tail - Wrap the yarn 10 times around a 2" long piece of cardboard. With a 4" piece of yarn, tie the yarn on the cardboard at the top, pulling it tightly in the center. Cut it at the bottom to remove the yarn from the cardboard. Fold at the tie and glue to the tail area. You can trim the tail or leave it wild.
5. For the mane - Wrap the yarn 5 times around a piece of 1" long cardboard. Continue the same as the tail, making 3 clusters of yarn. Glue one on top of the head and the remaining 2 down the neck using the x's on the drawing as a guide. It looks a little wild now but after the glue has set trim the yarn into a more tame shape.
6. On one side of the body hot glue the following in this order:

  • Use an 8" piece of ribbon to fold into a bow and glue it to the center of the ribbon at the circle. Repeat with another 8" piece gluing it on top of the previous bow.
  • Center a 4" piece of pearl garland over the bows.
  • Lastly add the flowers, leaves, buttons, etc. Hint: Don't over do the last step or the horse will tilt to one side.

7. On the top of the head hot glue the following in this order:

  • The metallic gold thread folded in half and knotted at the top to form a loop.
  • Use a 3" piece of ribbon to fold into a bow and glue it to the center of the top mane.
  • A 2" of pearl garland centered over the bow.
  • Lastly the flowers, leaves, buttons, etc.


  • Paint the horse with unusual texture paints such as ones that crack.
  • Use narrow lace or cording instead of the ribbon.
  • Use perle cotton or embroidery floss for the tail and mane.
  • Instead of flowers use buttons, charms and even tiny bells.
  • Decorate both sides of the horse and over the back.

I hope you'll enjoy this ornament and will want to make others for your family and friends. It's fun displaying them on your Christmas tree or tie them on gift packages as an extra little gift.

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